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Early in Alan’s career, he defended negligence lawsuits representing doctors, hospitals, premises owners, nursing homes, product manufacturers, trucking companies, auto owners, truck drivers, security companies, and public agencies. He worked for the big guys and learned from some of the best and brightest attorneys in South Florida. He worked hard and learned how the system works.

As Alan saw and experienced more, something changed. He realized where he wanted to put his efforts. Alan decided, instead, to switch gears and represent the plaintiffs. He began trying plaintiffs’ cases throughout the State of Florida at a national law firm. Alan started his own law firm in 2003 and has been successful in representing his clients for the past 18 years.

This very specific career experience, having worked hard on behalf of the defendants as well as the plaintiffs, gives Alan a larger perspective. He can truly see things from both sides, unlike many attorneys who have worked for only one side of the law for most of their careers.

It is exactly this unique perspective that sets Alan apart and is what led him into Mediation & Arbitration. He has witnessed too many painful trials, which take both an emotional and financial toll on his clients. He knows that things can be different. Mediation & Arbitration are meant to bring the parties together to work towards resolving their differences and reach a settlement in a peaceful and cooperative manner.

Alan’s comprehensive understanding of both sides of tort law along with his experience representing both defendants and plaintiffs alike, qualifies him to resolve your dispute through Mediation & Arbitration, rather than through a lengthy and expensive trial.

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