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Anchell Law has vast experience in handling cases pertaining to Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Law, and Wrongful Death/Catastrophic Injury. Alan will personally guide you through the complex legal processes, explaining each step. Whether you need legal advice or action, he is here to represent you and your unique needs. Contact Anchell Law today to schedule an appointment.








  • AUTO ACCIDENT:  $1,400,000 verdict at a trial in Key West where a client was riding a motor scooter and was cut off by a phantom vehicle resulting in a knee fracture and a significant life change.

  • MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: $1,600,000 for a client who was a victim of medical negligence resulting from a cervical epidural injection which resulted in partial paralysis and pain syndrome.

  • PERSONAL INJURY: $400,000 recovery following the trial against a major department store following a fall over a poorly placed parking stop bumper resulting in a fractured shoulder.

  • MEDIATION: $2,000,000 divided equally between two sets of parents for the mishandling of their children’s remains by a funeral home...

  • AUTO ACCIDENT: $780,000 settlement for a woman who was rear-ended while stopped at a stop sign resulting in a nerve injury.

  • PERSONAL INJURY: $625,000 for a woman who slipped in a lobby of a beachfront hotel requiring surgery.

  • AUTO ACCIDENT: $1,120,000 for a woman who was rear-ended requiring back surgery.

  • MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: $650,000 settlement for the Estate of a 63 year old woman who died of a pulmonary embolism a few days after a successful neck surgery because of unrecognized symptoms of blood clots that traveled to her lungs causing death.

  • PERSONAL INJURY: $625,000 for a woman who tripped while entering a grocery store after a railing had been removed leaving an exposed hole causing a knee fracture requiring surgery.

  • MEDICAL MALPRACTICE: $1,250,000 for a woman who was misdiagnosed with cancer. 

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